Don't Try to Get By With a Broken Vacuum

Trust us for vacuum repairs in Baltimore, MD

When your vacuum cleaner breaks, your first instinct may be to replace it. However, vacuum repairs can be a much more affordable option. Aerus offers vacuum cleaner repair services in Baltimore, MD. With nearly four decades of experience under his belt, our owner knows how to get your vacuum working again. We repair both Aerus vacuums and vacuums from other brands, so you can bring your vacuum to us no matter the situation.

Email us now if you have any questions about our vacuum cleaner repair services.

Wondering if we can repair your vacuum?

Any time your vacuum breaks, you can turn to our experts for repairs. You'll want to bring your vacuum in for vacuum repairs if it:

  • Loses suction
  • Shuts off while you're using it
  • Creates a burning smell while in use

We can also handle basic repair and part replacement work on broken hoses or canisters. If it really is time to replace your vacuum, we have a great selection of Aerus vacuum cleaners for sale. Bring your old vacuum into our shop today.