A multitude of homes and businesses experience the benefits of ActivePure® Technology every day and have come to depend on our honesty and service. Our satisfied customers rely on the protection provided by Beyond by Aerus and ActivePure® Technology to safeguard their environments from harmful airborne and surface contaminants.

  • Schools
  • Athletic facilities
  • Liberty Bell
  • Ground Zero Museum
  • Homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hotels
  • Businesses

* Based on earlier ActivePure® Technology. Does not apply to current Beyond by Aerus products.

Mr. Al Lewis gave me a free air quality check and the number was high (not good). As he demonstrated the quality of a vacuum cleaner on my couch, I developed an asthma attack from all of the dust the vacuum was removing. I was impressed with the suction of the vacuum. I've spent a lot of money on vacuums and none were of that high quality. Mr. Lewis then plugged in his best air purifier and within 30-seconds I could sense an improvement with the air quality. During the next three minutes, I could feel a physical improvement with my asthma. It completely went away without medications! I wouldn't have believed it's possible if I hadn't experienced it. I bought the vacuum and an air purifier from Mr. Lewis. Money well spent.

Cynthia Porter

This place is absolutely astonishing I called to have someone come out and try to get a very very stubborn stain that had been in my carpet for over 10 years in multiple areas it was blood and red wine the gentleman that came to my home he used a dry foam cleaner and it was absolutely incredible it lifted those chains that no steam cleaner that I had ever used could! I couldn't believe it and to top it all off my mother had a Electrolux that was about 12 years old that one of the kids accidentally vacuumed up some Stones outside and we took it to this Electrolux location on Rossville the same place that did my carpet and they repaired the vacuum and it works like brand new it's as if it never had been used before as if it was straight out of the box!!!! I mean these people do it all they are absolutely amazing I mean they have everything you can think of and every one of their products I believe do more than they guarantee I believe their products are better than they think they are and that is rare! I would recommend this place to anyone for any reason at any time! Thanks electrolux on roseville Blvd on rosedale, you guys are amazing!!!!!!
Very sincerely,

Michele Dean Rodriguez

This place is great the women was awesome very helpful I WILL BE BACK

Shelly Shrader